Video marketing services

The lifecyle of content marketing

Creating a holistic approach to content marketing

At EASTWEST we think that companies can benefit greatly by creating their own content and going directly to the target audience. Our approach is simply illustrated by this flywheel diagram where we illustrate the 5 steps:
– Create
– Publish
– Promote
– Monitor
– Analyse

Working to a specific brief we will help a client to create videos and to get them watched by people who will make a difference to their business.

The services we provide include:

Rehearsal on camera to make sure that the ‘talent’ is comfortable, calm and engaging.

Story board & scripting
Defining what we want the audience to know as a result of seeing the video

Being on site with camera, crew

Post production
Editing the video ‘rushes’  to give the finished videos, with titles, subtitles (English and Chinese), music and other effects

Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO)
Uploading the video onto the sites where it can be seen, and making sure that it is seen

Performance management
Checking on the performance of the video and helping to take decisions on what to do next

One of the greatest challenges in PR is to get noticed, and one of the greatest opportunities we have with the Internet  is to create video to bypass traditional channels. Video marketing services have proven to be cost effective  and an excellent complement to traditional pr and digital pr activities.

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